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    Hunter Grindle, CFSC, PN1

March 2, 2023

Cheeto Fingers will be just one chapter of my life story

Growing up, my Dad worked for the Frito Lay Company…

Which meant that we would have boxes and boxes of the stales (product that had gone beyond expiration date) in our garage at home.

Whatever chip flavor you could imagine, there was an unlimited supply within a few steps from my kitchen.

And sometimes… every couple of months… we’d even get the leftover bags of beef jerky.

What a treat.

I remember playing video games all day in the summer, and sprinting into the garage in between games to grab my next bag of choice, pebbles stuck to the bottoms of my feet because I couldn’t take the time to even slide crocs on.

Often, that bag of choice was Cheetos.

This was when I learned about the irreversible damage Cheeto dust can do.

Not only does it stick to your fingers, but it’s a magnet to everything you touch, including your Xbox controller.

Some lessons you have to learn the hard way, I suppose.

In this story, one might describe me as a Junk food eater… a Video Game nerd, perhaps?

Call me what you want, this story isn’t a fair representation of who I am today.

And it certainly doesn’t dictate my actions today.

I say this because…you may have a story you remember.

Maybe it replays in your head quite often.

A story from long ago, or maybe more recently.

Know that that story doesn’t define who you are today.

Every day you have a decision. A fresh start.

To decide what actions you will take today.

And who you will become.

Who you are.

And you don’t have to feel guilty for those old stories.

They are a old chapter in a book you are still writing.

Chose to be 1% better today, whatever that may be for you.

And look back on those chapters, proud…

proud because of how far you’ve come.

So, what story will you write today?


Coach Hunter

February 9, 2023

The Math Lesson You Never Knew You Needed: 2 Proven Weight Loss Hacks

There are two lessons we learned in math class years ago that can help us achieve our weight loss goals with less stress. I use these everyday with my clients to help them not only make progress in their weight loss goals, but to do it in a way that is sustainable for them! Here are the two rules we follow:

Rule #1: Faster Weight Loss Results with The Order of Operations

The “order of operations” rule in math tells us how to prioritize exponents, parentheses, multiplication, and addition when solving a problem. Unfortunately, most people with weight loss goals don’t use this concept in their lives, causing them unnecessary stress and guilt.

Applying this to our daily routines, we learn to prioritize tasks. For example, in the morning, I might make breakfast and dirty some dishes. But instead of cleaning them right away, I leave them for later in the day when my willpower is lower, so I can focus on more important tasks, whether it’s for health or work. This is because my willpower is strongest at the beginning of the day, and I want to conserve that energy for tasks that really matter.

To determine what tasks are truly important, ask yourself, “will I regret not doing this five years from now?” For example, I might not regret not doing the dishes, but I could regret not working out or not putting more effort into a business idea. Just keep in mind, while this can be great for your goals, your wife MIGHT not like dishes sitting around all day! You have been warned!

Rule #2: Say Goodbye to Scale Worries with the Power of Averaging

Stepping on the scale every day can be overwhelming. When you want to see the weight go down, but it goes up instead, it can be discouraging. Try to avoid daily judgment by using weekly averages instead. Add up each daily weight entry and compare week to week. This helps avoid fluctuations from lack of sleep, water retention, or sickness. Use the numbers to determine if you need to adjust your calorie intake.

Example: Two Week Weight Log

Week 1:
Monday: 150 lbs
Tuesday: 149 lbs
Wednesday: 151 lbs
Thursday: 153 lbs
Friday: 152 lbs
Saturday: 151 lbs
Sunday: 153 lbs

Weekly Average: 151.7 lbs

Week 2:
Monday: 153 lbs
Tuesday: 151 lbs
Wednesday: 150 lbs
Thursday: 152 lbs
Friday: 151 lbs
Saturday: 150 lbs
Sunday: 149 lbs

Weekly Average: 151.1 lbs

Comparing the weekly averages, we can see that there has been a slight decrease in weight from week 1 to week 2. This can give a clearer picture of progress, rather than being discouraged by daily fluctuations. Based on this information, the you can determine if you need to adjust your calorie intake or keep it the same!

These are the two rules we learned in math class that can help us achieve our weight loss goals with less stress! If you need further guidance, or need some accountability and coaching to help you reach your health goals, check out hybridfitnessgym.com and apply to learn more!

January 24, 2022

Cuddling Up In a Blanket with Ramen Noodles

The blowing cold wind off of the harbor is biting the uncovered skin on my face.

Snow, shooting downward from the sky, is accumulating into “dip n dots” on my mittens.

The year is 1999, I just turned 5, and I’m outside with my parents sledding down the small hill in our front yard.

Up and down the hill I go; my parents laughing and cheering to me.

“Wow! Good job Hunter!”

“Way to go! Want to go again”?

I repeat the cycle, tired by restricted movement of my snow suit… But determined to slide down the hill and go as far as I possibly can.

I will go farther than last time.

But, the longer we are outside, the cold starts to take it’s toll.

What started as so much fun, starts to slowly fade.

The chill of the cold is beginning to leak through my boots, and my fingers are going numb through my mittens.

It’s time to go inside and get warm.

My dad drags me on my sled by the thin rope attached to the long plastic blue sled he got me for my birthday.

I take off my boots outside of our door so I don’t track snow through the house, and run inside as quickly as I can to keep my toes from getting cold.

Squeezing out of my snow suit, I sprint to the the living room couch and throw my Winnie The Pooh Bed Cover All Around Me.

AHHH, finally warm again. I quickly transform into a human burrito, and poke my eyes out to see what journey Ash, Brock, and Misty are foregoing today on the television.

Before I know it, mom brings me a warm cup of Ramen, with one icecube in it to keep me from getting burnt.

Life is good again.

2 hours later, I BEG my parents to bring me back out.

Sometimes, all we need is a break and a warm cup of Ramen to be ready to give it our all again.

Time away from the “grind” and rat race is not being lazy, it is being productive.

Step away from your regular routine, and you will find clarity…

…and realize the cold wind and snow (the stresses of life) are more easily solvable than you thought when you were in the midst of the storm.

Have a great day,


Coach Hunter

If you can’t take a day or two away from your normal routine, even an hour can help you find clarity and slow things down. Yoga helps me do that.  We just added 12 new yoga classes at Hybrid Fitness -> Check them out here! https://joinhybridfitness.com/yoga-and-pilates

January 18, 2022

Why I love Planet Fitness (but wouldn’t send my Mom there)

It’s been 6 weeks now since my workout partner, Dusty, and I have been hitting our workouts at Planet Fitness…

It’s been comical because I keep seeing people I know who look at me confused and ask:

“Wait, you own Hybrid Fitness, but you’re here? Why? Is Everything alright?”

And the answer is “YES!”

Everything is alright!

In fact, I have actually loved going to Planet Fitness, and here is why!

I love Planet Fitness because It’s everything that Hybrid Fitness isn’t.

– At Planet Fitness you do everything on your own – at Hybrid everything is guided by an experienced coach

– I got my Planet membership 4 months ago. When I didn’t go for an entire month, no one ever reached out to me to see why or how I was doing. If you miss consistent sessions at Hybrid Fitness, we text or call you to check in!

– At Planet, there’s a good percentage of young adults wearing very revealing clothing. At Hybrid, we rarely ever see that.

For me personally, I like those features because I enjoy doing my own workouts (And feel confident I can do them safely and effectively). I’m also motivated by seeing others’ physiques because it inspires me to work harder – I don’t get discouraged by it!

So why did Hybrid Fitness end up the way it is? 

It’s that way because I didn’t create Hybrid Fitness for me (a 26 yr old, mildly ego driven ex-athlete)

I created it for my sister, my mother, and my father.

I created it for those who haven’t felt welcomed at a gym before (or even felt left out!).

I created it for those who need and want a little extra accountability to help them succeed!

And I created it for those who do better with instruction and coaching, and don’t have time to get injured!

If that’s what you value, too, I highly recommend you check out Hybrid Fitness! (We’ve got a brand new 6 week challenge going on now -> click here to learn more!)

But if you don’t as much and are like me… then Planet Fitness is the right fit for you!

Neither is right or wrong, it’s just preference!

And by the way – we have a handful of members to go to both, and I think that is awesome!

So anyways, this is why I love Planet Fitness, but would never send my mom there.

Have a great day,


Coach Hunter

Brand New 6-Week Challenge >> https://joinhybridfitness.com/application-form

January 10, 2022

Pain Free in 3 Months (New Yoga Classes!)

My back was completely smoked.

Sharp pains shooting down my right leg…

The fear of getting out of bed knowing one wrong move could ruin the entire day.

Stretching always helped (especially since I couldn’t even touch my toes!)…

…but I never was disciplined enough to stretch on my own.

Then one day, I decided to sign up for a yoga class one time a week.

After a few weeks, I saw almost immediate relief.

It was actually crazy how much it helped me.

Try your first yoga class with Hybrid Fitness today!

I wasn’t very flexible to start, but the instructor was very helpful in helping me modify some exercises so it worked for me!

I continued on for 3 months, and for several years the pain was minimal or non-existent.

I can’t say it would do the same for you… but this was just my experience.

Try Yoga for yourself! <<Brand New Classes in Warren, ME!

I had others who took the class beside me who weren’t in pain at all!

They were just looking for a way to have more energy, build strength, & keep themselves in good shape!

Yoga is a fantastic, low impact way to do that!

We want to offer a very individualized program in our new yoga sessions, so we are limiting them to 8 people a class!

You won’t have to worry about getting lost in a big group!

Try Hybrid Yoga out for (1) Month!

Click here to sign up: https://joinhybridfitness.com/yoga

Have a great day,


Coach Hunter


January 7, 2022

How to Not Suck at Your New Years Resolution

If you want to reach your goal of weight loss (despite the time of year it is), there are a few simple rules you need to follow! Also, I am the utmost expert on reaching goals by any means, but this is what I have found to be true for me and my experiences, so I hope this helps!

1. Understand the difference between Action Goals and Outcome goals 

The gold at the end of the rainbow. Millions of dollars. 6 Pack abs. These are all common “outcome goals” that we look to bring into our lives. This differs from what I call “action goals”, the frequent habits or daily actions you chose to do in order to reach that outcome. It’s important to have both.

Set an outcome goal worth going after… something that excites you!

Then, find someone who is an expert in that field (someone who has already achieved the thing you want) via personal relationships, books, courses, trainings, etc…

and break that goal down into daily actions, or action goals.

2. Factor of 3

Let’s say your goal was lose 75lbs in 9 months. Take that 9 months and multiply it by 3 to 27 months.

Here’s why. When you finally do lay out the “perfect daily action goals” to reach your outcome, you aren’t going to be perfect. It’s going to take you time to have great adherence, 90%+, on those actions.

You’ll also have to change your plan. There will be bumps in the road and adjustments that you can’t account for ahead of time. Give yourself time.

3. Understand it won’t be easy. 

No matter what path you go down in life, you will always have problems. The path you chose will determine the problems you have. So, take a second to introspect on what problems you want to have. For example, you can chose to be a bit more tired because you lose a little bit extra sleep to make breakfast and get your workout in VS feeling tired because you are out of shape and not taking care of yourself.

4. Watch this podcast

Coach Dusty and I did a podcast episode on this exact topic, and go much more into depth on how to stick to your daily goals and achieve your dream outcome! This is great to listen to in the car or in the shower when your mind isn’t occupied by anything else!

You can watch the podcast here: 

I hope you found this helpful!


Coach Hunter

P.S – If you need a little more help with your nutrition and workouts – or just need a little accountability… I have an Online Coaching Program that helps just with that. Email me at Hunter@HybridFitnessGym.com if you’re interested and we can talk to see if it could be a good fit for you!.



January 6, 2022

Can’t Stay Consistent? Read This.

5 years.

For 5 years the so-called “Best of the Best personal trainer of the Mid-Coast was inconsistent with workouts.

At first, it was easy to ignore.

But as time went on, the feeling of an “imposter” began to set in.

This “imposter” was me.

A dozen times, I started and stopped.

I’d go for walks. I’d strength train. I’d count my calories. But no attempt lasted over 30 days.

But finally, one day, something clicked.

I started scheduling sessions with Coach Brandon.

We started with 2 days a week (which didn’t seem like enough – 3 and 4x a week would obviously be better, right?!)

I felt like a wimp. I used to do so much more.

But I just kept showing up, because Brandon was there waiting for me.

A month later, we moved to 3x a week.

Several months later, 4x a week.

We’re now at ~9 months of consistent workouts.


But, you can do it.

If you’re struggling to get some momentum going in this nutrition thing…

Try just starting with just 1 thing!

No, you aren’t wimpy for not doing 3 things daily.

Just master 1, and eventually, do 2!

Then, do 3.

All that matters is you do a little better than the day before!

You can do this 😀

February 22, 2021

Weight Loss Meal Tips That Require “Zero Effort”

(For Busy Adults with Little Free Time or Leftover Willpower)


If you’re ready to lose weight, but struggle to eat the proper portions in order to make your weight loss and health goals a reality, well boy do I have a special treat for you…

Because, with almost zero additional effort, you can increase your calorie deficit, lose weight, AND lose inches faster, without the extra cravings or hunger to go along with it.


Presenting: My 3 favorite weight loss *and general health* meal tips.

Hint: Pleeease make sure you read to tip #3, and I’ll share with you why I use it 5/7 days a week, almost Every. Single. Week. Time to pull back the curtains to show you how simple & easy these weight loss meal tips are!


Tip #1: Substitute Olive Oils with Olive Oil Spray


weight loss tips

Let’s be honest. Olive oil is good. Really good. And, you’re probably thinking – “Hunter, if you make me get rid of olive oil, I’m going drop kick you with my fist.”

Woahhh, let’s not get violent now. No, I won’t make you get rid of your olive oil… not completely, anyways. 😈

“But Hunter, isn’t olive oil healthy?”

Sure it is! There’s a lot of “good stuff” in olive oil… BUT:

If not used sparingly, those olive oil calories will add up like 7 inches of snow in Texas. We’re talking 120 calories per tablespoon. YIKES!

So, I’ve found you a 85%-as-good alternative.

Introducing – Olive Oil spray. *angels singing*

It’s olive oil, but you spray it. AND, even more fantastical, the nutrition label says ZERO calories.

Now, don’t be fooled, because olive oil spray does have calories *arghhh pesky food marketers*. But, it does have a lot less calories than olive oil – and will still make your food taste extra tasty.

In fact, olive oil spray has ~8 calories per second sprayed, so you’d have to spray 15 seconds just to match the calories on olive oil.

No thank you.



Tip #2: Almond Milk Over Dairy Milk

weight loss tips

A single cup of whole milk clocks in at around a whopping 150 calories! And, a cup of 1% reduced-fat dairy milk even tips the scale at over 100 calories.

A cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, though, is 30 calories. And, If opinions count, mine is that the almond milk tastes much better – and, as a bonus – you save 70 calories per cup.

The average American drinks ~1.5 cups a day, so there’s at least 105 calories per day that you’re saving (or 775 a week!)

Yes, dairy is a main source of calcium for most people, but did you know…

Silk Almond Milk packs a whopping 450mg of calcium per cup, where the average dairy milk contains ~300mg!


Tip #3: Eat Slaw Salads


weight loss tips

My biggest nutrition hack of 2020 was discovering Fresh Express Premium Slaw Salad Kits.

They are satisfying, delicious (I actually crave on a daily basis), and are reasonable on the calories.

For example, the Honey Pecan Salad is 110 calories per serving (275 calories total) and takes about 10 seconds to make.

I’ll eat an entire salad in one sitting, but Melissa, my fiancé will eat it in two (Or I’ll just eat her other half, too 😂)

If you want to lose weight, and have more energy, you want to eat low calorie, high nutrient dense foods as often as possible.

These types of foods promote well-being, and keep you satiated throughout your day.

These salads are a perfect example. 

The…The…Tha…Thaat…That’s All Folks!


There you have it! Combining all three of these little-to-no-effort tips will have you eating less total calories, while feeling more full on a daily basis. Follow these tips consistently and you’ll be one step closer to looking and feeling your best!

weight loss tips

If you enjoyed this article, swing over to our YouTube channel to check out our latest videos here – Hybrid Fitness YouTube Channel

December 17, 2020

Wait! Don’t stab your eyes out…

One of my favorite (and very graphic) Greek mythology stories of all time, “Oedipus Rex”, sadly ends with the main character stabbing his own eyes out. After ridding himself of his own vision, Oedipus exiles himself from his kingdom with his sister/daughter as his guide (that’s right, he had a daughter with his mother) to finally die a pitiful death in the city of Colonus.

Health & fitness can also make you want to stab your eyes out (or something like that).

Not that the eyes help at all, because 95% of the people I chat with don’t see a clear path to reach their health and fitness goals.

But fitness doesn’t have to be eyepopping, painful, or confusing…In fact, it can be a bunch of fun when done properly.

Whether you are just getting started toward a fitness goal, or you’ve been at it for some time…by the end of this article you’ll know exactly what you need to do to reach your next goal. This article will serve as your very own Tiresias (you’ll only understand this reference if you read Oedipus Rex”)

Disclaimer: This article is not for hardcore workout peeps who live to be in the gym – this is for every day people looking to be improve their general health.

Your first step…

To begin, find a program and/or coach that teaches you the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. If the program you find is sound, your exercise will prioritize strength training with focuses on mobility, proper form, and safety. You should regularly be performing squats, lunges, hinges, pushes/presses, rows/pulls, crawls, carries , and planks.

Your nutrition should focus on a balance of eating nutritious foods and not-so-healthy foods in healthy portions. It probably shouldn’t be based around cutting out an entire food group (like protein, carbs, or fats).

In your first 6 months to a year, focus on:

  • Proper Exercise Technique
  • Consistency
  • Eating Nutritious & Not so Nutritious Foods Quantities that match your goals.

In your first 6 months to a year, avoid:

  • Comparing your Day 1 to someone else’s Day 500
  • Beating yourself up if you miss a workout – just do the next one
  • Obsessing about progress – it will come

Follow this for 1-2 years, and you will most likely be in the best shape of your life (unless you were a high-level athlete at some point.)

At Hybrid Fitness, we have members who follow these bullets through our guidance, never add additional steps, and are completely satisfied. If you continue to follow these past that 1-2 year mark, you will begin to stagnate, but that’s okay if you are happy where you are at.

If you’re considering Hybrid Fitness as your training facility, I recommend beginning with our Fit-For-Life or Ultimate Results program. Both of these will accomplish the “first step” bullets.

Progressing further…

If you want to push the limits of your body, you need to add a few additions to your program. These additions will make you drop to below average body fat levels, and above average strength.

Getting Stronger

In your first year of training, you can grow stronger by learning proper technique in the many patterns I mentioned above, as well as adding randomized weights to those exercises. Eventually, your body will adapt, and it will require more “stimulus” to push you forward.

Now is the time you want to keep a journal. Repeat the same two or three strength workouts for a 4-6 week period before switching to new ones. Each time you do the same workout, aim to add more weight or repetitions. Don’t underestimate an increase in 5lbs, or 1 or 2 reps. If you multiply that “small win” over the course of a year, you will make significant improvements. Your physique will transform (your friends and family will start to notice) and your confidence and mental state will improve.

When progressing strength further, focus on:

  • Increasing sets, reps and weights
  • Repeating your workouts
  • Sticking to basic movements (avoid getting too fancy)

When progressing further, avoid:

  • Sacrificing form to increase weight
  • Doing randomized workouts
  • Getting really fancy with exercise selection

If you need guidance in this step, I recommend working 1 on 1 with one of our personal trainers either online or in-person, or joining our Ultimate Results program. Increasing your weights, maintaining proper form under increased load, and writing a sound program will require more coaching and guidance than the previous steps.

Cutting Body Fat

Dropping more pounds of fat will require additional steps as well. Keep a food diary within the phone app MyFitnessPal and weigh all of your food that you input into it.

Maintain a daily weigh-in log, and average your weigh-ins each week to see your “average weight”. Compare your average weight and your daily average calorie intake.

If you aren’t dropping ~1% Body-fat each month, add 60 minutes of walking/cardio into your week, or drop your calories by 100-200 each day. Repeat this process until you’ve found a happy pace of progress.

Make sure that 30-40% of your calorie intake is coming from protein. This will optimize your recovery from your demanding strength workouts, allowing you to maintain and add muscle while burning fat.

Guidance at this step can be found in our 1 on 1 Nutrition & Accountability
Coaching Program.

That’s it.

You now have a clear path to take you where you want to go in your health and fitness. Your goals will change over time, and if they do, so should your actions.

This article may seem very simple…Maybe too simple. The truth is, the longer I work with people on this, the more simple I find it to be.

I wish you the best of luck on your health & fitness journey, wherever you are, and if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email myself or my team…

…And remember, “Small Steps, Big Results”.