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Ultimate Results


Our flagship program, Ultimate Results, will increase your strength in an intimate, small-group personal training experience. You will receive expert coaching from our fitness professionals, while following a carefully designed program customized to your goals and needs. You get all of this, in a fun, welcoming, and positive environment!

Your progress in your strength training is tracked and monitored, and you will receive consistent suggestions and feedback to ensure that you’re moving forward in your goals. We meet you where you’re at, despite your training experience and skill level.

Fitness Level: Beginner to Expert

Goals That Will Be Achieved: Increase Strength, Fat Loss, Muscle Building

Highlights: Perfect If you appreciate smaller groups & extra support and guidance

Fit For Life


Fit For Life is a high energy class that takes cardiovascular and resistance training exercises, and implements them into a circuit style program. This general fitness class is designed for those who want to get stronger, lose a little body-fat, and break a sweat, through “no-think” follow along workouts that are done at your own pace.

All of this is accomplished in a large group setting with an expert coach in order to provide you with everything you need, in a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Goals That Will Be Achieved: Increase Muscular Endurance, Fat Loss, Cardiovascular Endurance

Highlights: Perfect If you enjoy the energy of a larger group & you don’t want to think while you workout

Private Training


Private training is for those who need an individualized program or just don’t prefer groups! This 1 on 1 session will get your more results, faster.

Fitness Level: Beginner to Expert

Goals That Will Be Achieved: Any Goal

Highlights: Ultimate Accountability & Individualization