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    let your body and mind relax

    April 12, 2023

April 12, 2023

let your body and mind relax

Pampering helps to beat a plateau! (Psst, highlighting a few of our members below. Keep reading)

Yup, I’m not necessarily referring to eating an entire box of chocolates in one sitting. However, that does sound inviting, mainly when I see a flat line representing my progress toward my fitness goal. Coach Hunter would say that maintaining is still progress, but it bites me a little when progress takes a hiatus. 

The pampering I am referring to here is physically letting your body and mind relax by putting yourself in a well-deserved time out from the daily bustle. 

What does pampering mean to you? 

Lying on a warm beach? Soaking in a bath? Lounging on the couch with a good book? 

What about time at the spa? 

The spa is less expensive than traveling to a warm beach in the winter. The trip is worth its weight in gold, but what if you can’t make that tranquil trip happen? We can take a bath at home to feel a sense of relaxation most of the time. We can even try to read that good book in the tub, but when I’m in the bath at home, my to-do list doesn’t stop running through my head. I can also hear other people in the house. I know that at some point, they will need me for something. I have found that I am worth the price of any spa treatment for the jump start it gives me and then some. 

In the past, I viewed a spa treatment as a reward for reaching a goal. I now know that relaxing and rejuvenating my whole being helps me reach that goal. It gives me an extra boost to put some wiggle in the flat line of a plateau. 

Time at a spa is heavenly because it makes your body and mind feel better. Think of it as an extension of your medical and fitness plans to keep your body in its best possible condition.

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Any spa treatment (massage, manicure/pedicure, facials, body scrubs, float therapy, etc.) benefits your well-being. 

  • It helps relieve pain, whether chronic, injury, or delayed muscle onset soreness (DOMS) from pushing yourself in the gym. 
  • It increases blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body
  • It brings a moment of complete disconnect from busy lives
  • Depending on the treatment, exfoliating the skin can be a benefit for shedding the old and promoting regeneration of new skin cells to make your skin glow
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins, increase energy and release serotonin to help with sleeping, healing, and digestion
  • Enables physical and mental relaxation to boost mood and relieve tension

Sounds lovely, right? 

Ready to schedule a pampering appointment? 

We happen to have a few Hybrid members that I am aware of that offer massage and nail care. Please let me know if there are other members.

Samantha Parker is a massage therapist and nail technician at Mia Bella Salon, 99 Park Street in Rockland, (207) 230-0228.

Trish Young is a massage therapist at Green with Envy Salon at 453 Main Street in Rockland, (207) 593-8510. 

Amy Mitchell owns Rockland Massage Therapy at 16 School Street in Rockland, (207) 691-7490.

If you feel in a slump or hope to shake up a plateau to reach your fitness goals, please consider calling them. After all, YOU are worth having it be a part of your wellness plan for life because YOU are a rockstar!

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