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    Nutrition Coaching Level 1 Starts Here

Welcome to Hybrid Fitness Nutrition Coaching!


Here’s what we need from you before you get started:

First off, I would like to congratulate you on taking a huge first step forward in your health
by signing up for our nutrition coaching.

One of the big problems with “diets” and “nutrition plans” today is that they use
a one size fits all approach.

Our Coaching is individualized to your exact needs – and we will tweak your plan as often as we
need to to make sure you are seeing progress.

We take into consideration your goals, your lifestyle, and long-term sustainability.

Basically, we aren’t going to give you EVERYTHING you need to do all at once.

We will take this step-by-step  so that you see sustained progress… and AVOID the dreaded
weightloss/weight gain roller coaster ride.

We can’t wait for you to get started, and seeing amazing progress!

Here’s how the coaching works:

Each week, your coach will give you one habit to accomplish.

If you complete that habit as given by your coach, you will be given (1) more habit to master

the next week.

However, if you don’t complete the habit for that week, you will repeat it again until you master it.

Only when you master a habit will you be given another!

Twice a month, we will measure your weight and body fat % so we can make sure we are moving in the

right direction!

You will also be able to ask us questions at any time, and we can provide you with strategies to help you hit your

Before we can get started, we need you to do a few things!

1. Download “Slack” onto your phone, and look for an invite from us via your email so we can communicate with you throughout the coaching!

2. Fill out the Readiness for Change, Social Support, and Kitchen Makeover Questionnaires below:

Readiness for Change Questionnaire << Click Here 
Social Support Questionnaire << Click Here
Kitchen Makeover Questionnaires << Click Here

If you are a local coaching client:
Before you come for you Nutrition Consultation or Intro Personal Training Session, please refrain from eating and drinking
2 hours before. We will be taking your weight, bodyfat %, and progress pictures.  Please wear clothes that allow us to see your progress
over time!
If you are an online coaching client:
Please follow this guide to find your starting point – so we can see your progress overtime!
1st. You’ll want to take your weight in the morning before you eat or drink anything and after you go to the bathroom! We’ll want to do this each day!

2nd. We’ll want you to take some progress photos! Take photos like this below in as little clothing as possible so we can see the changes over time!
If you have any questions, feel free to message us in SLACK!

We can’t wait to get you started!

Hunter Grindle

Founder of Hybrid Fitness