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    HFS Employee Training

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1. Welcome every member by name when they enter the class

2. Be aware of any newer members in class, and give them very detailed instructions so they don’t feel confused.

3. Instruct Warm up Clearly and Enthusiastically

4. Describe Workout and Demo Exercises…………..

5. Setup Weights and Equipment in an efficient and safe way based off of size of group and experience of members

6. Remind members of cues on movements before and as they perform them

7. Ask members how they are feeling, and what their goal is for the day

8.Keep an eye on everyone’s pace during class – if people finish early have extra exercises prepared until everyone is caught up

9.Be encouraging, let people know they are doing a good job

10. Always high five at end of cardio portion of workout

11. Walk through foam rolling

12. Walk through stretching

13. Wipe down equipment before next class

Detailed Descriptions

1.When someone enters the room, make sure to greet them with a smile in a happy, enthusiastic voice. I always like to add a wave, salute, etc.

2. As newer members enter, give them extra attention. Let them know that they can grab their yoga mats and find a spot where on the floor. Explain to them that you’ll be leading them in the warm up shortly.

3. Depending on the size of the group and the space in the gym available to you, you’ll want to have a few different warm ups in your back pocket. No matter what, whenever you are demonstrating, you want to assume no one knows the warm up. Provide joint friendly alternatives. Be loud and confident in your voice, and always have a smile.

4. Take a visit to the whiteboard and describe the first section of the workout (unless the group is so big that you need to split into two separate groups). After you describe the workout, how it will be performed, and sets and reps, fully demonstrate the exercises and point out key points they need to focus on.

5. Depending on the size of the group, help set-up the weights and equipment so that the class can move forward efficiently and safely. You may have to get creative here. Your goal is to keep a smooth flow in the class.

6. Turn up the music, and start walking around the room watching people perform their movements. Look for errors in technique and quickly but effectively correct them. If someone is doing something right, say great job. If they need correction, you coach them, and they start doing it right, give them praise. Be aware of new members and/or people with injury or health situations, and give them progressions or regressions as needed.

7. Especially in strength lifts, ask members what their goal weight is for the day. Ask them what they got last time we did this movement, and how comfortable they feel with it. Give them suggestions on what a good weight to shoot for would be based off their records in their journal.

8. Some people will naturally move faster than others the exercises. There are a few ways to counter this. Some will tend to not give themselves enough rest in between sets. This normally happens because they are not challenging themselves with weight, and so they don’t feel the need for rest. Fix this, unless their form deteriorates. In this case, give them another set. I like to check in and announce to let me know when you are on your last set. If the majority of people are done, but there are a few stragglers, you have a few choices. You can either make the stragglers move on, or give the people done an extra ab exercise (I like planks) to perform until the others are done.

9. As you’re scanning the room, add some claps in. Call out people from across the room to let them know you are paying attention to them. Say “Great form”. “Way to drive the heals.” “Good job keeping your core tight, *Name*!”.

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