Hey there!

I know reaching out about your health goals can be difficult… but I want to congratulate you for taking the first step and visiting our site.

You’re probably here for a few reasons – either you aren’t happy with your current health situation, or you want to improve your physical performance.

By working with hundreds of men, women, and athletes over the past 5 years… I’ve figured out the #1 reason why people don’t end up changing their situation, and stay in that “slump” that we all get into at some point in our lives.

It really comes down to just 1 Simple Roadblock.

This roadblock is so easy to overcome – but unless you’re able to identify it, it can stop you dead in your tracks. I’ve seen it time and time again, but I’m going to make sure that that doesn’t happen to you right now – so keep on reading!

This roadblock that I’m talking about is FEAR.

You see, there are (2) ways of thinking that we can adopt.

We can either focus on what we want, or what we don’t want.

Naturally, the way evolution has developed us, we tend to always lean towards what we don’t want (fear)… because back in the caveman days, it literally meant the difference between life and death.

If there was a delicious apple on a tree and we were hungry, but there was a bear in that area, we would most likely decide not to go after that apple, because we could get killed!

Well, in our current world, our caveman brains can really hold us back.

Now, we don’t have to worry about bears.

If we want food, we go to the grocery store.

Unfortunately, this same “fear mechanism” in our caveman brains is still active, and doesn’t recognize the difference between a bear in the woods, and something that is scary but completely safe.

Here are the fears that often keep people from coming to the gym:

Fear of Being New

Nobody wants to be the new kid who sits alone in the cafeteria. Its just a scary feeling.

Here at Hybrid Fitness – we eliminate this feeling.

Before you ever join a class, you’ll meet with me or one of our trainers 1 on 1, discuss your goals, and get to know us.

Once you join our classes, you will be greeted by people taking classes! Everyone here is great… but I completely understand this fear! The thing is, we do eliminate it at our gym!

Fear of the Unknown

We’re all afraid of what we don’t know. In our 1 on 1 sit down – we will tell you exactly what to expect so all of your questions are answered. Yes, starting something new can be scary… and we can’t completely eliminate it. But I will tell you, after your first class, I guarantee you will be so glad you came!

Fear of Facing Your Fear

Let’s be real. It’s hard to admit that you need to make some changes in your health and have struggled. It is REALLY hard. But, this fear can be overcome in a number ways. First of all, surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals helps a ton.

At Hybrid Fitness – you’ll be surrounded by non-judgemental people who want to help you succeed as much as they want to help themselves.

You truly can’t understand it until you are a part of it.

We create an environment for improvement and growth on a new level – and it is absolutely energizing.

There are people of all fitness levels. People who you want to strive to be more like, people who are in your shoes, and people who wish they were in your situation. We are all on the same team. You can utilize this team and achieve the body and health of your dreams.

I’m not saying this will be easy. It’s not.

But I can tell you, we’ve put a system together here that sets you up for success. And if you take one day at a time, show up to the gym, and listen to what we see – there is no losing here. We will get you where you want to be.

It’s my personal mission, and it’s my duty.

Give me the opportunity to help you – give yourself the opportunity to reach you goal, and we’ll get there together 🙂

Fill out the form below, and we’ll get started ASAP!


Where is your gym located?

Hybrid Fitness is located at 159 Main Street, Thomaston Maine 04861

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of different classes, ranging from 1 on 1 personal training, group strength training, group fat loss, nutrition, and yoga.

Am I too old to join your classes?

We’ve had members as as young as 75! Although some class may suit you better that others, we give very individualized attention in our group sessions, and take the time to sit down with you 1 on 1 so we know what to expect from you when you start!

I have a back injury, can I join your classes?

You’ll want to check with your doctor first to make sure he approves you to exercise. However, we have members with scoliosis, sciatica, herniated disks, and spinal fusions. A lot of our members who have back pain and trouble sleeping have actually improved their condition, quality of life, and confidence in their back through our classes!

Can I do this if I'm a beginner?

Yes, you can! We program our workouts to offer different level of exercises. They are individualized to your level, and our trainers will walk you through these options.

What should I wear to the workout?

You’ll want to wear some clean sneakers, comfortable, supportive clothing, and bring a water bottle!

How long do the workouts typically take?

The majority of our workouts are 60 minutes long.