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Located at The Pitch on Route 90 in Warren, Hybrid Fitness provides a safe, non-judgmental workout environment for women of all ages and abilities. Established in 2015, Hybrid Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes including a year round Fit Camp strength training program, Butt and Gut workouts, and Kettlebell classes. Head Trainer Hunter Grindle has designed workouts that are adaptable for every fitness level.


While working with each client individually to establish her goals, Hunter creates a challenging and safe environment to achieve them. In addition to on site classes, Hybrid Fitness provides motivational videos and training tips available on line, as well as nutrition guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.


Long Time Member, Dorrie Higbee, says:


“This gym’s culture is phenomenal. We all have the same goal which is to be the best version of our selves. Hunter takes the time to listen to our needs and guide us to achieve our goals one step at a time. He makes it so it is not overwhelming, and we all support each other to get there. Everyone is friendly and encouraging; and every time I leave the gym I feel successful.”


Hunter’s innovative approach encourages members to find their motivation, to create habits that are sustainable, and to take small steps for big results. To sign up for Boot Camp, or to find out more about gym membership call Hunter at (207)542-0599.


“I really enjoy my workouts with Hunter. He is polite, professional, and works hard to customize a workout that works for all fitness levels. It can be intimidating working out with a trainer or going to a gym, but Hunter provides great coaching and motivation and is absolutely focused on making sure his clients are safe, but pushing themselves to the next level. There is no judgment from Hunter, he is simply focused on making you healthier and stronger. If you have thought about working out with a trainer, you won’t be disappointed in what Hunter can deliver.” – Delores Michelle Hannan


“I have been going to HFS for a few months now but have been working out with Hunter for about three years. He truly cares about your personal goals. But most importantly he is kind, professional, and motivating. We always have fun when we work out and work we hard while we are at it. Our class is at 5:30 am and he always shows up perky and ready to go and sometimes brings his dance moves. So if your looking to ease in to a fitness class or want to go hard straight out of the gate Hunter is the guy for you. He will not let you down.” – Torey Whitman


“I love taking classes with Hunter! He makes the workouts fun and mixes it up so you are never bored . I took the first 30 day challenge and lost 5 lbs and could really feel a difference. Now I’m continuing on with Hunter to reach my goals” – Renee Soule



Head Trainer: Hunter Grindle

A local to Owls Head, Maine, Hunter grew up fortunate enough to take part in all of the great things that the community of the Mid-Coast has to offer. After graduating High School, he wanted to start to give back the the community that nurtured him for so long.

Studying under some of the Top Athletic Performance and Fitness trainers in the U.S., like Jack Cascio of Twice the Speed and Scott Herman of MuscularStrength.com, Hunter was able to develop a unique and effective system to help women of all fitness levels / ages improve their strength, stamina, and most importantly, confidence.

Although Hunter takes pride in his workouts, he enjoys training others the most because of the personal relationships he is able to develop, and helping his members not only improve their bodies, but their confidence.

Hunter is a life-long learner, constantly collaborating, networking, and reading about the most successful experts in the fitness and personal development history to improve the quality of his service at Hybrid Fitness.

Hunter participated in Varsity football and basketball all four years in high school at Oceanside High School in Rockland. He has been helping others make transformations in mind and body for the past 4 years as a Personal Trainer.