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“Small Steps, Big Results”

6x Your Chances of Success with your New Year’s Health Resolution….

… by Taking Advantage of These 4 Success Secrets that Helped Laurie Lose 20lbs!

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Our 21 Day New Years REBOOT!


Group Workouts

You’ll have access to Unlimited Classes for 3 weeks! These classes are lead by our trainers who will personally walk you through each exercise, meet you where you are, and help you get the best training effect for that day.

Sustainable Nutrition Coaching

You will be provided with the simple daily actions that you can make each day to safely and consistently progress towards your goal. We’ll give you an Easy Portion Measuring Guide (NO Scales or Calorie Counting) Healthy Grocery List, and a Personal Score Card so that you can see yourself improve each and every day.


Throughout the Entire Program, you’ll get daily check-ins + tips via our Private Facebook Group. This is a place where you can go to ask any questions you have, even when you’re not in the gym.


Our Sole Purpose for Running this program is to Help your Journey Back Into Fitness be as Smooth, Enjoyable, and as Successful as Possible. By Celebrating All of the Small Successes Along the Way, You’ll Stay Motivated, Have Fun, and Set the Stepping Stones To a Healthier, Stronger, More Energetic You.

We have worked with over 500 individuals (but mostly women) over the past two years who’s main goal was to have more energy, feel better – in many different ways, and to get strong.

We will make things fun and fresh for you every time you come in – and the time will fly by!



Laurie: “I’ve lost 12lbs in 2 Months!”

Dorrie Higbee

Dorrie Higbee

I came to Hybrid Fitness in January 2016, to improve my strength and overall wellness. Through nutrition coaching and strength training with Hunter I’ve lost 40 pounds, and my core strength is exponentially greater.

Georgene Arbor


I met a milestone birthday in October and I was in pain from long standing back issues, feeling weak and over the hill. I no longer have to take any pain meds to come and work out! I am so much stronger, keep up pretty well with the younger crowd;) and between yoga and strength come to the gym 6 x/week.

Leah Hupper

leah hupper

Before I came to Hybrid Fitness I was broken, both physically and emotionally. I suffered from chronic back pain and had undergone treatment for cancer that left me with more challenges. I was afraid that exercise would hurt me rather than help me. Today, I look forward to every workout. I make it to class 4 or 5 days a week. I am stronger, I have confidence, and I am a happier version of myself. I have made wonderful new friends. It’s the best part of my day!

Liz Black

liz black

Before I joined Hybrid, I was stuck in a gym rut and lacked consistency with my workouts. I had no program or goals for building strength or tracking my nutrition. Going to the gym felt like a chore and I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted.Today I’m working hard toward my specific strength & nutrition goals and making strides everyday. Hybrid helps me keep my light shining!


We’re Located on the Block in Thomaston Main Street!
From Rockland: Take a right at the first light and a quick left. You’ll see a deck on the back of our gym!
From Waldoboro: Take a left at the first building on the main street block (Thomaston Grocery), and take a quick right. Continue to the end of the block and you’ll see the deck connected to our building at the end.

From Warren: Continue Down Beechwood Street and take the right just before the stoplight that brings you to Main Street. The gym will be right in front of you!

Trina Johnson, Business Owner and Mom

I’m feeling great, empowered, confident, happy, less stressed, strong, healthy and motivated. Everything I told my trainer I wanted.  Gym family is everything! Without the encouragement of these gals I couldn’t keep coming every day!
The end of 2016 marked my 21st week in a row, 6 months of being with hybrid.  Time, planning, consistency, dedication, motivation, fun and friends are just a few of the reasons that keep me going! Goals for 2017 include hiking Katahdin and doing the Tough Mudder with the Hybrid Team!



We run 33 classes throughout the week, at the most convenient times for you. You’re never locked into just 1 time slot, so you can move to different times based off of your busy schedule!

We run 3 different types of classes. Our Metabolic Strength Class combines strength training and cardio to boost your metabolism, increase your heart rate, and tone / build muscle.

Our Fat Blast combines Interval Cardio Training with recovery exercises to make sure that you’re body is always staying primed and injury free.

We also have a yoga class each Saturday that focuses on stretching and recovery as well.

In our Group Meeting, we will help you create the best workout schedule for your goals and time availability.

Laurie Walsh, Teacher and Grandmother

When I first came to Hybrid Fitness in July of 2016 at the age of 62, I was concerned that I had aches and pains in joints and poor stamina on uphill hikes.  I was walking 10,000 steps and eating a very healthy plant based diet, but I was not physically strong or coordinated, and I wanted to be vibrant and healthy into my 90s.  It was time to make a change.

 I wanted to be able to do things joyfully and with no strain:  play hard with grandchildren, hike sections of the Appalachian Trail, kayak, cross country ski.  I wanted to be happy and at home in my own skin.

I have so many benefits from Hybrid fitness that I couldn’t have even envisioned last summer.  My body is leaner and stronger, but my outlook in all aspects of life is also brighter and more positive.   Overcoming difficult challenges at the gym has made me more willing to tackle challenges in every aspect of my life.  I am strong, healthy, and eager for the next challenge around the corner.

You Get All of This (The Accountability, Unlimited Group Classes, A Recipe Guide, Portion Guide, and more…) for just $2.33/day!

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