Metabolic Strength

This class combines Strength Training with Cardio to get the ultimate fat burning effect. We maximize the amount of calories you burn by doing exercises that get your heart rate up, and strengthen the muscles. We use mostly kettlebells and dumbbells in this class.


Instructors: Hunter Grindle , Susan Young , Kashia Shepard, Brandon Knight

Fat Blast

This class uses light strength training exercises and body weight in a circuit training format. This fast paced class will get you sweating, get your heart rate up, and make you feel like you just had a few cups of coffee!

Instructors: Hunter Grindle , Susan Young, Kashia Shepard, Brandon Knight

Beginner's Yoga

Yoga is great for two things: Flexibility and Relieving Stress. One big point we touch on a lot at Hybrid Fitness is that yes, working out is important, but "working in" is even more important. Life is stressful as I'm sure you've figured out, but this hour long class will help you release all of that with stretches, poses, and calm music.

Instructor: Tina Fish